Cali Terpenes – Wifi OG terpenes 1 ml

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Cali Terpenes – Wifi OG terpenes 1 ml

Product description:

Terpene profile Wifi OG ( Fire OG x The White ) by Cali Terpenes
are used
mainly to provide special cannabis aromas and flavors, as well as enhance the beneficial properties of all types of products, such as

  • Liquid vapor bases (for the production of e-liquids)
  • Cannabis extracts and concentrates (rosin, dry, BHO, distillates, etc.)
  • Hemp or cannabis flowers
  • Cosmetics and aromatherapy

This product does not contain cannabinoids:
0,00% THC, CBD
100% flavoring

Information Cali Terpenes

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Cali Terpenes – Wifi OG terpenes 1 ml


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