Cohiba Mini Collection 4 (Pack Of 10)

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Cohiba Mini Collection 4 (Pack Of 10)

Product description:

The Cohiba Mini is a very good option for a mild and short smoke.

    • – Mildly spicy, never overpowering.
    • – True Cuban flavor, complex blend of flavors: wood, leather, spices, sweetness.


This cigarillo simply provides a very pleasant experience.


Cohiba Mini Colleccion 5 comes in 5 boxes of 20 cigars


Length: 82 mm (3.22 inches)

Diameter: 7.8 mm

Ring gauge: 20

Shape: Mini


The Cohiba Mini comes pre-cut and without ribbon. Its size is similar to a cigarette; the wrapper is rough and uneven with visible veins.


Before lighting up

Aromas of tobacco and spices.

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Cohiba Mini Collection 4 (Pack Of 10)

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