Hybrid Supreme Combi Pack with filter + Meter paper

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Hybrid Supreme Combi Pack with filter + Meter paper

Product description:

The unique filter combination of Hybrid Supreme Filters removes a particularly high proportion of pollutants from the smoke. What remains is smooth smoking pleasure and the full effect of your herbs!
The hybrid filter combines the benefits of classic activated carbon filters with cellulose filter components, revolutionizing the smoking experience. Through the four different sections, you enjoy the full filter effect – and still don’t inhale any more activated carbon dust while smoking.
According to scientific tests, the filter reduces carcinogens by 38%, nicotine by 16% and activated carbon fine dust even up to 99%, but your taste remains as full as it has always been!


– Activated carbon filter with cellulose components
– High quality coconut activated carbon
– 4 m rolls 4.5 cm wide
– 33 filters
– Developed in Austria
– Made in Europe

Scientific tests prove the following filtering effect:
– 38% carcinogenic pollutants
– 16% nicotine
– 99% activated carbon fine dust
100% flavor

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Hybrid Supreme Combi Pack with filter + Meter paper

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