Juice Glass Bong Cartoon Rabbit Breakfast 19 cm

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Juice Glass Bong Cartoon Rabbit Breakfast 19 cm

Product description:

A funny animated Bong
This Juice Box Bong has the functionality of a traditional homemade bubbler; it has a juice box as the base, a straw as the steam stem and a bowl made from a pen and a metal nut to hold the bong. The traditional rig design is then made in permanent glass form by using high-quality borosilicate glass, making it highly durable and heat-resistant.

Designed by Olivastu, the Juice Glass Bong Cartoon Rabbit Breakfast is 19 cm/7.5 inches in height and has a joint size of 14 mm. It can also be converted as the customer wishes by simply buying a banger for it.

This bong also has three ice cubes, which gives the option to add ice cubes for additional cooling or to enhance their smoking experience. Slots in the solid downstem allow the user’s smoke to be filtered through water, and the bong’s strong base prevents it from accidentally tipping over and protects the internal components from any disturbance.

In addition, cleaning and maintaining this bong will not be a challenge due to its perfect design.

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Juice Glass Bong Cartoon Rabbit Breakfast 19 cm


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