Juicy Jay Tobacco and Herbs glass jars Small

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Juicy Jay Tobacco and Herbs glass jars Small

Product description:

The Juicy Jay tobacco jar is a must-have storage jar for anyone. Storage jars are a great way to preserve and organize special mixes. The number one rule is to always store the herb in a cool, dark and dry place. This is the secret to long-lasting herbs, and that’s what we offer with these juicy jay storage jars.

This pot is specially equipped with built-in storage options to ensure the herbs have a long shelf life. It is made of soda-lime glass, which contains alkali metal oxides. It is chemical-resistant, water-repellent, inexpensive, chemically stable, ideal for recycling and environmentally friendly as the glass can be remelted and transformed multiple times.

Nothing sneaks in
Juicy Jay glass jars will not only provide a haven for safe storage of herbs, they also perform bodyguard duties. The lid of this jar is exceptionally airtight, preventing air from drying out the weed and reducing its strength. The jar is also large to take a reasonable amount of herbs per storage.

Dimensions 21.5 × 14 × 12 cm
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Juicy Jay Tobacco and Herbs glass jars Small


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