Ocb White N°4 Double Roll Paper

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Ocb White N°4 Double Roll Paper

Product description:

OCB White was the first series of rolling papers from OCB. It’s the high quality that made the brand world famous.

No. 4 is a short roll paper measuring 69x36mm. The papers are thin, but slightly thicker than the OCB variety. The “filigree” stands for the delicate character of the almost transparent papers. For the smoker, this means pure enjoyment of the tobacco instead of a dominant paper taste.

Each paper is ultra-thin, lightweight, easy to roll and burns slowly and evenly. Each leaf is made from a watermarked pure linen paper for quality assurance and Arabic Natural Gum extracted from East Africa, which also makes it 100% vegetarian organic.

Each booklet contains 100 roll papers.
Paper size: 69×36 mm

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Ocb White N°4 Double Roll Paper


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