Paw Patrol Hair Styling Gel 30 ml

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Paw Patrol Hair Styling Gel 30 ml

Product description:

With Paw Patrol Junior Styling Gel you can create the ultimate look in no time. Specially designed for cool kids.


Suitable for any hair type

Easy to untangle


without parabens

About Dermo Care
Dermo Care is specially developed for the personal care of babies and children. The products are dermatologically tested, extra mild & nourishing, and therefore very suitable for sensitive baby and children’s skin. On the packaging you’ll find the best characters of the moment, such as Miffy, Dora, Hello Kitty and many others. Dermo Care combines dermatological sound quality with fun for kids. So taking a shower will be a real treat!


Brand name:
Dermo Care

Paw Patrol



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Paw Patrol Hair Styling Gel 30 ml

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