Platinium Sensistar Bloom 100ml

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Platinium Sensistar Bloom 100ml

Product description:

Platinum nutrients – Sensistar Bloom – blooming gel fertilizer for soil, water, coconut

Platinum nutrient
comes back with
concentrated nanotechnology in a unique suspension fertilizer
which comes in the form of a 100% soluble organic-mineral GEL. An NPK concentrate (CaO, MgO) 5-12-15 (2-2.5) + EDTA-chelated OLIGO ELEMENTS in a single bottle!

The impossible becomes possible thanks to the research and development of Platinum nutrients

Get up to speed with
SensiStar Grow & SensiStar Bloom,
balanced NPK fertilizer for all types of plants.

100% without artificial coloring – 100% soluble



Get more compact plants, greener leaves, less brittle stems and perfect flower bud development. Try Sensistar the unique and exclusive fertilizer because purity is essential when you want the best quality.

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Platinium Sensistar Bloom 100ml

Simple composition

Experience a unique fertilizer due to its exclusive composition that makes it the best fertilizer on the hydroponics market. It is ultra concentrated and of great purity. It can be used in Hydro-Aero-Earth-Coco . Its concentrated formula makes it
and allows you to dilute 1 liter of Sensistar up to 1000 liters of nutrient solutions above ground and 1500 to 2000 liters in the soil.

SensiStar grow & bloom is the most economical solution on the market because it is a
3 in 1 product
. In addition to its high purity, we can say that this ultra-concentrated gel fertilizer is the most economical on the market.


– Sensistar grow & bloom
combines all the benefits of soluble powder fertilizer and a classic fertilizer that you need to supplement with 9% edta-type calcium

– The Sensistar formula allows you to avoid the use of a bi-component type A&B, no need to integrate calcium in A, magnesium in B or nitrogen in one and ammonia nitrogen in the other.



Platinium SensiStar grows

and flourishes
which includes everything the plant needs. SensiStar Grow & Bloom contains no urea, no sodium, no chloride, it’s simply the purest fertilizer. It meets the requirements of all plants by providing all the nutrients, especially magnesium and calcium, simultaneously.

is the building block of chlorophyll, it promotes the absorption of phosphorus and is essential for photosynthetic and energetic activity

is absolutely not a mobile element in the plant, it is necessary to bring it regularly throughout the culture so that there are no factors that limit growth.



– Fill the watering tank halfway with water.
– Shake to homogenize the gel in the bottle.
– Add the required dose of product to the water and finish the tank.
– Shake for a few minutes, then
Sensistar Bloom
can dissolve well.
– Leave for 20-30 minutes and then mix again before spraying the solution into the irrigation circuit.



Sensistar Bloom is used for irrigation fertilization of crops. Sensistar Bloom is a complete fertilizer: it simultaneously provides all the elements plants need for their development, including calcium and magnesium . Its gelled suspension formulation allows nutrients to be delivered at higher concentrations for unmatched ease of use.

Sensistar Grow
is useful for growing your plants up to the 3rd week of flowering before switching to
Sensistar Bloom
PK 13/14 directly into your fertilizer, unheard of!

Period of use: Flowering. From 4. week of flowering and until rinsing. For best results, refer to the culture table, which can be downloaded here



SensiStar is a complete and balanced fertilizer, perfectly adapted to all plants, it provides at the same time all the elements that plants need for their nutrition, especially calcium
and magnesium
. Its gelled suspension formulation allows nutrients to be provided at high concentrations and guarantees ease of use by integrating into a growing program that includes only innovative and unique products.

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seaweed extract
to supply ascophylum nodosum algae, growth activator, enzyme activator, growth and flowering booster, contains auxins, natural cytokynin-gyberilins, amino acids and vitamins



  • For a better stability of ph and to achieve a perfect ph fertilizer always stir SensiStar Grow or SensiStar Bloom
  • Store at a minimum of 6° to a maximum of 30° to avoid damaging the product.
  • Do not use PK 13-14 or PK booster
  • Store away from frost.



NPK fertilizer suspension (CaO,MgO) 5-12-15 (2-2.5)

Contains trace elements.

Total Nitrogen (N) 5
of which Nitrogen nitrogen 5 % Phosphoric anhydride
) 12 % water soluble
Potassium oxide (K
O) 15 % water soluble
Calcium oxide (CaO) 2 % Magnesium oxide (MgO) 2.5 % Copper (0) 0.5 % Boron. 002%
Iron (Fe) chelated with EDTA 0.07% Manganese (Mn) chelated with EDTA 0.01% Molybdenum (Mo) 0.001% Zinc (Zn) chelated with EDTA 0.002% Fertilizer low chlorine content.

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