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Pure Vodka Apple vol 40% – 70 cl

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Pure Vodka Apple vol 40% – 70 cl

Product description:

The fresh, tart and sweet scent of apples. You definitely know it!
Otherwise, REN Vodka ‘Apple’ may remind you of it.
The vodka has been distilled with green, organic apples, giving it a subtle, delightful twist of apples in its flavor profile.

In addition, NO sugar or other artificial sweeteners or additives have been added to the vodka during the distillation process. It is ‘all nature’.

REN Vodka ‘Apple’ is also the perfect choice for a wider range of cocktails. With vodka’s hints of apple, the spirit opens up new possibilities of what’s possible. To give some examples, some cocktails could be a Sour Appletini, a Fall Spritz or a Christmas Shooter. You could also go the more classic route and make an Apple Martini or a Moscow Mule.

Pure Vodka Apple vol 40% – 70 cl


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