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Tuborg Guld Pilsner 5,6% 24 pcs x 33 cl

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Tuborg Guld Pilsner 5,6% 24 pcs x 33 cl

Product description:

Gold Tuborg is a strong lager beer at 5.6% vol. Originally developed for export, the beer was launched in Denmark in 1895. Popularly, the beer is also better known as “The Golden Lady” or “The Golden Lady”. You’ll experience an elegant flavor with a good balance between dry richness and liveliness. The elegant Gold Lady stands golden with white foam in the glass. The aroma is captivating with hints of fruit and a touch of fennel. Enjoy e.g. Gold Tuborg with meat dishes with gravy and potatoes or with mild cheeses. Gulddamen should be enjoyed at around 7-10ºC

Tuborg Guld Pilsner 5,6% 24 pcs x 33 cl


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