Zippo Cigar Lover Retro Kit

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Zippo Cigar Lover Retro Kit

Product description:

Recreate your favorite Zippo Windproof Lighter for the ultimate personal cigar smoking station: a sleek ceramic ashtray with the new Zippo logo to hold your favorite cigar, and a Double Torch gas insert that offers an odorless flame that lasts longer than ever before. The gas insert is designed to fit perfectly with any Classic Zippo lighter case. For optimal performance, fill with Zippo butane gas. Comes packed in a gift box.




  • Genuine Zippo dual flame insert; Piezo ignition system


  • High gloss ceramic cigar ashtray with u-shaped groove – with felt on the back


  • Adjustable blue flame height; Heat up to 2,300°F / 1,260°C.


  • Refillable with butane gas; 0.9 g gas capacity.


  • Fits all conventional Zippo lighter boxes – does not fit Slim, Armor or 1935 replica models


  • The insert gives the famous Zippo “click”


  • Gas: Zippo Premium Butane Gas (sold separately)




  • Provides a clean, high-precision flame; quick and easy ignition


  • Robust, durable and built to last; reusable for long-term use


  • Provides up to 60 times 5 seconds of burning (with 2.5 cm flame height) per refill


  • Covered by a 2-year Zippo warranty


Note: This insert does not come refilled. Please use Zippo Butane gas.



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Zippo Cigar Lover Retro Kit


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