Zippo Insert Single Blue Torch

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Zippo Insert Single Blue Torch

Product description:

We’ve expanded our range: Gas inserts to fit your Zippo lighter! This insert works with a single flame at the touch of a button. The new insert offers a completely odorless ignition source. We’ve developed the new gas insert so it can be used in any classic lighter. Fill with Zippo Butane gas for optimal performance. Comes in a gift box. The insert has the famous Zippo “click”.



Genuine Zippo single flame insert; Piezo ignition system.

Adjustable blue flame height; Heat up to 2,300°F / 1,260°C

Refillable with butane gas; 0.9 g gas capacity

Fits all conventional Zippo lighter boxes – does not fit Slim, Armor or 1935 replica models

The insert gives the famous Zippo “click”

Gas: Zippo Premium Butane Gas (sold separately)



Provides a clean, high-precision flame; quick and easy ignition

Robust, durable and built to last; reusable for long-term use

Provides up to 60 times 5 seconds of burning (with 2.5 cm flame height) per refill

Covered by a 2-year Zippo warranty

Note: This insert does not come refilled. Please use Zippo Butane gas. Insert sold separately – without a lighter box. Buy a lighter that suits your unique style.

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Zippo Insert Single Blue Torch

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