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Zocomo 1 Kg 26x26x26 Shisha Coal

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Zocomo 1 Kg 26x26x26 Shisha Coal

Product description:

Zocomo guarantees a long and enjoyable smoking session with this charcoal.

We would like to emphasize that Zomo pays attention to an environmentally friendly procedure during production. Very exemplary!

ZocoMo – Coconut Coal – 26 pcs 1 kg
Manufacturer: Zomo
Size: 26x26x26
Ash content: 2% ash content
Burn time: approximately 15 minutes
Burn time: at least 2 hours
made from 100% coconut shells

hookah coal
The natural charcoal is mostly made from coconut shells. It’s different with self-igniting coal, which consists of black powder and small amounts of magnesium. Only a few traditional countries still smoke charcoal. Both types of charcoal are used to heat the tobacco and release its aroma.

As natural charcoal does not contain black powder, it cannot be lit with just a lighter like self-igniting charcoal. You will need a special charcoal lighter for this. Do not use the charcoal until it is fully annealed. Coconut charcoal burns longer and allows you to regulate the heat generated.

Zocomo 1 Kg 26x26x26 Shisha Coal


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