Aluminum Silver Scanproof Bag 500x1000mm 5 pcs

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Aluminum Silver Scanproof Bag 500x1000mm 5 pcs

Product description:

Whether at the airport or at customs: these aluminum bags are absolutely impervious to radiation, so the contents are protected from external influences and cannot be X-rayed. Aluminum foil was originally developed for military purposes, but after a study – under the most difficult conditions – during World War II, the industry decided to use this high-quality foil for sensitive goods as well. The aluminum bags are impervious to radiation, as well as absolutely airtight, waterproof and odorproof.

To seal, lightly iron the bag with an iron.

Instructions: Set the iron to the highest level and heat it up briefly. Once it has reached the desired temperature, iron the open edge of the aluminum bag, leaving a safe edge of about 5 cm.

Food grade aluminum/plastic blend
silver black
500×1000 mm
Light and odor resistant
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Aluminum Silver Scanproof Bag 500x1000mm 5 pcs

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