El Dorado 5 Years 40% 70 cl

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El Dorado 5 Years 40% 70 cl

Product description:

Taste: This El Dorado 5 year rum has a deep, golden color reminiscent of amber. The nose is deep and brings notes of spice, caramel and dried apricots. The taste has a sweet, rounded palette of balanced cask and toffee, as well as chocolate and ginger. The result is a complex flavor with a long finish.

Production: The rum is distilled using the traditional French method Savalle Still on Wooden Coffey Stills and matured for at least five years in Bourbon casks.
Serving. El Dorado 5 Year Rum is perfect to serve neat, but is also ideal for cocktails, such as rum and cola.

Country: Guyana, South America
Alcohol content: 40%.

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El Dorado 5 Years 40% 70 cl


Packaging size 70 cl
Age 15
Alcohol percentage 40,00 %
Number of pieces in a package 1
Color Red
Packaging type Bottle
Fire El Dorado
Country Guyana
Weight 700 g


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