Limpuro Odor Remover Spray 150 ml

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Limpuro Odor Remover Spray 150 ml

Product description:

We create a natural room climate. First aid for odor problems.


  • Mobile and ready to use
  • First aid for acute odor problems
  • No covering up bad odors
  • Bad smells will be neutralized. It creates a natural room climate.
  • It does not create a musty smell during continuous use
  • Vegan
  • No benzene and limonene
  • No fragrances and their allergens
  • Made in Germany
  • Application:
    LimPuro® Air-Fresh DLX liquid is a powerful natural odor neutralizer. Spray 1 to 3 times close to the odor problem and 20 cm from the fabric. Problem areas may require a different application.
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Limpuro Odor Remover Spray 150 ml

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