Platinium Clone Xroots cuttings product 30ml

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Platinium Clone Xroots cuttings product 30ml

Product description:

Platinium – Cuttings Clone Xroots – 30ml – Cuttings hormone

Clone Xroots activates the plant’s root growth and strengthens its resistance thanks to the development of the root system and ensures plant recovery by allowing better absorption of water and nutrients. It also stimulates the production of the first roots.


Application: 1 to 2 ml/litre. Shake the solution well.
Cuttings and young plants Soak them in the solution before planting and then renew the supply once a week. For more convenience, you can pour the product into a spoon before recovering it using the cap-cutting pipette. It is possible to dip the stick blade directly into the bottle, but this is not recommended as there is a risk of contamination of the Clone X Roots product.

(Warning, if you choose this solution, do not pour 1 to 2 ml into the tank or water jug)

Maintenance: Apply

Clone Xroots
preparation by watering your crops.

In aeroponics:
Add directly to the solution.


Organic matter = 50% OSYR active matter = 40% Sulfuric anhydride (SO
) = 8%

Can be sprayed directly onto plants when mixed with water.

Can be used in organic farming according to EU regulation 834/2007.

Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture

clone xrootsclone xrootsclone xrootsApproved by the Ministry of Agriculture



clonex rootsHow to use
Clone Xroots
i 5 steps:


1- Choosing a support:

Greenhouse cuttings




rock wool


closeeasy plugRockwool

2- Choice of substrate


clay balls
sphagnum or coconut

cuttings substrates

Platinum clay balls

, Platinum
Substrate ideal for beginners and experienced!

3- Preparing cuttings


clonex roots4- Vaporize
Clone Xroots

1 to 2 ml per 1 liter of water
in a syringe or watering can





5- Cuttings with
super cloning systems 12-30-84

Pour directly into the solution 1 to 2 ml in 1 liter of water


CloneXroots root system


Roots as intestines

Looking for the most effective rooting hormone on the market? Try it Clone Xroots, the red hormone par excellence. If you’re looking for a root hormone, or a clone hormone. Clone xroots is 100% natural and organically sourced, try clone xroots platinum nutrients and get amazing results on your clones, cuttings and seed starts.

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Platinium Clone Xroots cuttings product 30ml

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