Platinium PH Down Dry – 100g

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Platinium PH Down Dry – 100g

Product description:

PH Down Dry from Platinium Nutrients reduces the PH of your nutrient solution. It’s a powerful
pH corrector
for nutrient solution.

PH Down Dry has the same benefits as PH Down liquid products, but this time in powder form. Its composition gives it the
high efficiency
both in the growth cycle and in flowering.

Necessary information


NP: 17-44


Total nitrogen (N) 17% including 17% urea nitrogen. Phosphoric anhydride (P?O5) 44% soluble in water.


It is important not to mix PH Down Dry with solid calcium and magnesium fertilizers. Simply dissolve the product in a little water and then mix it with your nutrient solution.


Harmful if swallowed: H302

Causes severe skin burns and eye damage: H314
Dangerous. Observe the precautions for use

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Platinium PH Down Dry – 100g

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