RAW Classic Cones 1¼ Medium 32 pcs.

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RAW Classic Cones 1¼ Medium 32 pcs.

Product description:

RAW Classic Cones in medium format are made from unbleached plant fibers and are packed very portable.
Each space-saving pack contains 32 cones, bundled in 4 and equipped with a filling aid made of sturdy cardboard. A RAW tip folded to a W is already rolled in, therefore cones are ready to be filled at any time.


– Total length of cones: approx. 84 mm
– 4 cones inserted into each other
– Diameter of the cone opening:: approx. 6 mm
– Filling space: approx. 60 mm
– Tip length: approx. 25 mm
– Package dimensions: 180 x 40 x 20 mm
– VEGAN and gluten-free
– Free from chlorine, wood or biogenetics

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RAW Classic Cones 1¼ Medium 32 pcs.

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