RAW Black Organic Hemp Papers KingSize Slim

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RAW Black Organic Hemp Papers KingSize Slim

Product description:

The long papers from the ‘Black’ edition of the Spanish cult brand
now available made from organic hemp. These papers are pressed twice and extra fine. They are the thinnest, unbleached leaves made from organic hemp in the range of RAW®. . Here they are in king size slim.

Specially developed for the new generation of incredibly high-quality cannabis strains, they are so ultra-thin that the flavor remains unaffected and you can taste the terpenes unadulterated! In addition, they burn very slowly and evenly.

✔️️ Made from organic hemp without chemicals

✔️️ Climate-friendly and sustainable production

✔️️ CrissCross footprint for even slow burning

Like all products from
These papers are also made from all-natural, vegan raw fibers. The rubber lining of the adhesive seam is also always made from natural, vegetable materials in the case of the ‘black’ papers from the sap of the acacia tree. Med
you can always be sure you’re not smoking chemicals or chlorine.

This unique paper for rolling the most delicious bags is also produced in the Spanish region of Alcoy, where the dry winds from Valencia optimally lower the humidity. It is also characteristic of RAW®. that environmental friendliness and sustainability are also taken into account in production. For example, the required energy is obtained by wind power alone. In addition, we use RAW® never genetically modified organisms.

Organic hemp papers are therefore the ideal long papers for connoisseurs who not only appreciate the pure taste of flowers and herbs and want to enjoy it for a long time, but also care about the environment.

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RAW Black Organic Hemp Papers KingSize Slim

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