Stopper Set for Bongs

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Stopper Set for Bongs

Product description:

This set of silicone plugs for bongs includes a plug for the joint (JU 19, JU 14, JU 45), the mouthpiece and a kick hole for easy (shake) cleaning.

Additionally, you can safely store the chillum or adapter inside for transportation by placing the glass piece in the appropriate hole in the silicone stopper and placing the stopper in the neck of the bong. The stopper closes the glass bung in such a way that if you plug the kick hole and the joint hole with the two stoppers included in the scope of delivery, water can remain in the bung!

Material: Silicone
Diameter: 32-48mm nozzle
general soilJU 19 (18.8 mm), JU 14 (14.5 mm), JU 45 (45 mm)

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Stopper Set for Bongs

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