Tuborg Raw 24 x 50 cl Organic Can

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Tuborg Raw 24 x 50 cl Organic Can

Product description:

Tuborg RÅ is a new type of lager. It is unfiltered and organic. Unfiltered means the beer is more natural and less processed. The color of the beer is therefore more cloudy due to malt, hop and yeast residues that are not filtered out, which also results in a fuller and richer flavor. The taste has the same refreshing and thirst-quenching character as Green Tuborg.

Tuborg RÅ is brewed with organic ingredients. It carries the Danish eco-label and thus meets Danish organic standards

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Tuborg Raw 24 x 50 cl Organic Can


Packaging size 50 cl
Alcohol percentage 4,50 %
Number of pieces in a package 24
Ecology Organic
Beer type Pilsner
Packaging type Tin can
Fire Tuborg
Country Denmark
Weight 1200 g


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