ZerumPRO Gel – Menthol 400g

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ZerumPRO Gel – Menthol 400g

Product description:

The odor neutralizer from Spanish manufacturer Zerum Neutralice reliably eliminates unpleasant or noticeable odors. Especially those containing smoke. But of course, the neutralizing gel also helps against other unwanted, nasty smells, for example from drain pipes, from fermenting leftovers or rancid milk and so on.

✔️ effective air freshening and odor elimination

✔️ lasting effect and easy application

✔️ Non-toxic and eco-friendly

The ZerumPro gel contains a special strong active ingredient to bind and neutralize odor molecules, but is non-toxic. The active ingredient is also harmless to the environment. And it’s very easy to use: Shake the can open and place it near the source of the odor. Shake the contents of the jar regularly to activate the active ingredient in all the gel pieces.

In addition, the life of the gel, which is subject to natural wear and tear through evaporation, can be extended with ZerumPro-Refill (available separately). This activates the neutralizer.

ZerumPro gel is available in the following scents: Strawberry, melon and red fruits and menthol.

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ZerumPRO Gel – Menthol 400g

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