Zippo Black Flex Neck Utility Lighter

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Zippo Black Flex Neck Utility Lighter

Product description:

The Flex Neck lighter is perfect for outdoor use. Dual-flame technology keeps the flame strong even in strong winds. The flexible neck makes it possible to light in any direction and the flame head is so small that the lighter can easily reach lanterns and gas stoves.

It’s great for candles, fireplaces, barbecues, bonfires and more.

The lighter is made of brass and has a beautiful black soft touch surface. It comes in a gift box and is not filled with gas.


Durable metal construction

windproof dual flame technology

Adjustable flame, flexible neck

Patented childproof safety button; one-handed ignition switch

Fuel: Zippo butane gas (sold separately)

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Zippo Black Flex Neck Utility Lighter

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