Zone X Cosmic Blast Xstrong

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Zone X Cosmic Blast Xstrong

Product description:

ZONE X Cosmic Blast provides both sweetness and tartness from red berries, as well as hints of vanilla. The combination gives the product a flavor with a powerful effect.

The nicotine portion has 15 mg nicotine per gram of content and in the Slim format.

Table of contents:
Plant fibers, Water, Humectant (E422), Flavors, Flavor enhancer (common salt), Nicotine, Salt ammonia, Acidity regulator (E500), Sweetener (E950)

Facts about the product
Brand name ZONE X
Product type all-white portion
Nicotine strength extra strong
Nicotine content 15 mg/g
Flavor berries
Content/packaging 15,4 g
Snus type Whole white portion
Format Slim
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Zone X Cosmic Blast Xstrong

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