Canalogy IceRock 85% CBD

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Canalogy IceRock 85% CBD

Product description:

CBD Ice Rock flower/buds, without seeds

> 85 %

<0,2 %

Ice Rock is premium indoor-grown flowers soaked in hemp extract and encapsulated in CBD isolate crystals.

Thanks to this method and the quality of the ingredients used, the end product is literally bursting with CBD.


Icerock is pure white in color with occasional patches where a bud of cannabis lightly shines through, reminiscent of a glacial mountain range in appearance. Hence the name, Icerock translates as Ice-Rock. It contains a very high level of Up to 85% CBD content . The flavor is very specific and at first it doesn’t smell much like marijuana.

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Canalogy IceRock 85% CBD

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