Cannasseur Club Humidor Large

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Cannasseur Club Humidor Large

Product description:

No more moldy, dried out or ineffective cannabis! With the humidors from CANNASSEUR Club you can do absolutely nothing wrong when storing medical cannabis, spices or other herbs. This is ensured by the hygrometer integrated in the lid, where you can read the temperature and humidity inside the screw-in glass without opening it unnecessarily. And if necessary, you can quickly adjust it. For example, if the humidity is not in the optimal range of 55-65%, you can easily adjust the humidity by adding a Boveda package that regulates the humidity in the optimal range.

✔️️ Integrated hygrometer

✔️️ Violet glass for better fermentation and longer shelf life

✔️️ Optimal storage climate

✔️️ Including Boveda and coaster

✔️️ For up to 30g of cannabis

The violet glass contributes greatly to the perfect storage of the cannabis because it filters and blocks the dangerous UV radiation. This way, the herbs can regenerate protected and in peace. And proper fermentation ensures better chlorophyll breakdown, making the smoking experience much milder. In addition, the violet glass slows down the molecular degradation process, so the contents last longer.

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Cannasseur Club Humidor Large

Violet glass
Cannasseur Club Logo
80×160 mm
For up to 30g of material
1x V13GA button cell
Integrated hygrometer, 2xBoveda Size 8, Cork Coaster
Weight 700 g


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