Cannasseur Club Smart Humidity Sensor SHS

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Cannasseur Club Smart Humidity Sensor SHS

Product description:

No more moldy, dried out or ineffective cannabis, even on the go! With the Smart Humidity Sensor from CANNASSEUR Club, you can read on your smartphone whether medical cannabis, spices or other medicinal herbs are still stored in the green zone in terms of humidity and temperature.

✔️️ Bluetooth hygro and thermometer for storage management via smartphone

✔️️ Measures humidity and temperature

✔️️ App with alarm setting included

The Bluetooth hygrometer from CANNASSEUR Club sends current data and statistics to your smartphone, so you can always see exactly how the climate in which your favorite herbs are stored is doing. The integrated app sends an alert as soon as storage is no longer optimal, for example when a humidity control pack needs to be replaced. A tool for adjusting the sensor is included.

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35×35 mm
1x CR2477
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Cannasseur Club Smart Humidity Sensor SHS

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