CBDfx Peppermint Foot Mask 50 mg CBD

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CBDfx Peppermint Foot Mask 50 mg CBD

Product description:

  • 50mg broad spectrum CBD
  • Easy-to-use, slip-on boots rich in moisturizing botanical ingredients
  • Softer skin and happier feet in 20 minutes
  • Soothing peppermint
  • Coconut and sweet almond oil for smoother skin
    100% organic, vegan, non-GMO hemp, cruelty-free

CBDFX foot mask with peppermint
Available in two easy-to-apply flavors – Refreshing and Relaxing Lavender and Cooling and Relaxing Peppermint – our CBD-infused foot masks are specially designed for long-lasting relief. Harnessing the soothing benefits of peppermint and menthol (cooling peppermint), our masks simultaneously smooth, soothe and soften the skin for an all-in-one foot treatment.

What are CBDfx foot masks used for?
Similar to a mask for your face, our CBDfx foot masks in peppermint are great for giving your feet a moisturizing, nourishing and skin-softening treatment. As our feet are often the most neglected areas of our body, our CBD-infused foot masks are designed to target distressed, cracked and dry feet specifically to provide a healthy and smooth shine.

Harnessing the natural benefits of broad-spectrum CBD oil and a range of active botanicals such as peppermint, menthol, coconut and sweet almond oil, these foot masks are perfect companions to restore healthy and natural beauty to your feet

Why CBDfx?
We pride ourselves on the benefits of a quality CBD product for the whole body, and we keep this focus at the forefront of everything we do. That’s why 100% of our hemp is organically grown, non-GMO and undergoes one of the cleanest and most efficient extraction processes on the planet – CO2 extraction

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CBDfx Peppermint Foot Mask 50 mg CBD

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