Dexso powered by Black Leaf E.O.E. Oil Extractor

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Dexso powered by Black Leaf E.O.E. Oil Extractor

Product description:

Dexso powered by Black Leaf® oil extraction – a precision product for fast, easy and safe oil extraction! ✔️ Finest oil in just 5 minutes ✔️ Safe and easy to use ✔️ Highly efficient This perfectly designed oil extractor turns dried plants, flowers, herbs and harvest residues into essential, finest cannabis oil in less than five minutes. High-quality anodized aluminum ensures maximum resistance to temperature, chemicals and aging. With a coating of anodized A1203 crystal, this extractor combines the benefits of a metallic extractor with the purity of a glass extractor and the lightness of aluminum.

An integrated collection unit makes it possible to empty the hood after extraction quickly and very easily start the next extraction. Thus, the extraction offers the highest efficiency. Ease of use is also evident in the three magnetically attached feet that guarantee stability – while both hands are free!

In addition to conventional use with butane gas, the oil extractor is ideal for use with Dexso Organic Solvent (item no. 502408), which consists of dimethyl ether. It is non-toxic and less explosive.

Dexso powered by Black Leaf
220 mm
30 mm
For approx. 50 g of material
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Dexso powered by Black Leaf E.O.E. Oil Extractor


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