Oil Black Leaf Extractor Large

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Oil Black Leaf Extractor Large

Product description:

Dabbing is becoming more and more popular, but unfortunately there are not many countries in the world today where the necessary concentrates such as oil or wax are readily available. With this extractor from Oil Black Leaf®, ganjapreneurs can extract the finest oils and potent concentrates from flowers and other plant material (e.g. leaf debris) relatively quickly and easily. This works with the Oil Black Leaf® extractor, which uses butane gas. However, we recommend using DME (dimethyl ether) as it is less explosive, non-toxic and far more effective.

And then there’s the extraction work, which should only be carried out outdoors or in very well-ventilated rooms and away from all heat sources:

Loosely fill the extraction container with well-dried and chopped plant material and close it, a rubber ring ensures the necessary seal. Attach the butane gas or DME canister and allow the solvent to flow into the extractor. The liquid extract soon starts flowing out the other side after being filtered through the replaceable sieve. It’s best to catch it in a sufficiently large and temperature-resistant bowl, which ideally is also non-stick. After about 24 hours, the valuable sticky concentrate can then be scraped off.

With this type of extraction, the extraction container becomes extremely cold and usually requires the use of protective gloves. The ‘Oil Black Leaf’ extractor is therefore encased in a non-slip silicone sleeve that is covered against freezer burn. However, for safety reasons, we strongly recommend wearing goggles and cold-resistant protective gloves during the procedure! When the gas canister is completely empty, the hood should wait at least 30 seconds before removing it from the hood. To clean, first remove any remaining plant material from the hood and then clean it in the dishwasher.

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Oil Black Leaf Extractor Large


Materials: Stainless steel, silicone protective cover
Color: silver/green
Print: Oil Black Leaf Logo
Height: L 325 mm
Diameter: 27 mm individually
Info: For about 36g of material

Weight 700 g


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