Guinness Draught 24 x 44 cl Can

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Guinness Draught 24 x 44 cl Can

Product description:

Guinness is brewed from malt, barley and roasted barley. The heavily roasted barley gives the very distinctive ‘dry’ flavor that clearly sets Guinness apart from, for example, the German Schwartzbier, which uses roasted malt. The yeast used is the original Guinness, which has been purified since 1799 when the first black Guinness was produced.

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Guinness Draught 24 x 44 cl Can


Packaging size 44 cl
Alcohol percentage 4,20 %
Number of pieces in a package 24
Beer type Irish Dry Stout
Packaging type Tin can
Country Ireland
Weight 1056 g


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