Platinium Bubble Zym V2 250ml

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Platinium Bubble Zym V2 250ml

Product description:

Platinium Nutrients
the most powerful enzyme solution on the market!


It is a physiostimulant based on algae and microorganisms. It significantly improves plant vigor, allowing crop protection.
Bubble Zym V2 promotes root growth by removing dead roots. It enhances the power of photosynthesis and ensures better nutrient uptake. Enzymes act as an accelerator (catalyst) for a number of chemical processes in the plant, such as roots breaking down faster and releasing many nutrients that focus on protecting the plant from pathogens.

The root system is therefore much more efficient, as well as a catch effect that allows all NPK to be returned to the plant.


This product contains a growth stimulator and 20 forms of the most powerful enzymes, as well as a molecule that is even 10 times more powerful and equivalent to a fulvic acid (hence its catching effect on plants).

Usage tips

Apply during a period of active growth and flowering.


NF U 42-004, FOR THINNING: Dilutable stock solution of trace elements.
Fertilizer containing trace elements? Use only in case of
recognized need, do not exceed the prescribed dose.
Composition (% m/m): Manganese (Mn) 0.056%, Zinc (Zn) 0.014%
Dose: 3 ml/L


In case of correction of water used with mineral acids or
alkalizing products, use only those products that are named and specified
in standards NF U 42-005:1994 and NF U 42-006:1994, which have been made mandatory
Products that are likely to form crystals at low temperature:
Do not store below 0°C, keep container closed. Keep in storage
away from UV rays.

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Platinium Bubble Zym V2 250ml

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