Platinum Monster PK 100g

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Platinum Monster PK 100g

Product description:

Discover the thriving booster praised by top European growers, the most powerful PK fertilizer on the market, in large format.

Bloom activator

It promotes the swelling of fruits and the accumulation of elements towards the reserve organs. Its high phosphorus concentration promotes flowering and plays an essential role in plant metabolism. Potassium improves the quality of the flower or fruit and optimizes photosynthesis.

Monster PK can be used from germination to harvest. Monster PK assimilates to all substrates


52% phosphoric anhydride (P2O5), soluble

in water; 34% Potassium oxide (K2O), soluble

in water.

– Store in a dry place, in the original packaging, away from

children’s reach

– Keep away from food and drink, including those for


– Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

– Wash hands after use

Monster PK 52/34 can be used on

from flower initiation, through the entire flowering phase,

fruition. Stop application 2 weeks before harvest.

EC FERTILIZATION according to RCE 2003/2003. Fertilizer PK 52-34.

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Platinum Monster PK 100g

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