Vaalserberg Element 3 – 500 ml

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Vaalserberg Element 3 – 500 ml

Product description:

Strength and fertility!!!

The composition of nutrients and their availability play a key role in the flowering phase of the plant.

Element 3 enhances and stimulates fruiting and contains all the nutrients needed for flower production.

Very rich in easily absorbable trace elements as it is perfectly soluble. Element 3 guarantees explosive flowering.

Select Vaalserberg Element 3 for full fruition.

Flowering plants need food for effective development, Element 3 contains the nutrients needed for flowering to flourish.

During times of stress and hormonal changes, such as the transition from growth to flowering, leaves may begin to drop.

Fortunately, this phenomenon is generally temporary, but it can affect the fruiting of your plants. Vaalserberg Element 3 nourishes your plants in a fruiting phase that is very greedy for nutrients and energy.

Active features:

Element 3 stimulates bud regeneration. It promotes and helps to multiply the number of flowers and fruits. By providing everything the plant needs, Element 3 increases plant volume for an optimal quality harvest.


Nutrient solution NPK(MgO) 2-4-6


NF U 42-002-2 FERTILIZER: FOR DILUTION. NPK 2-4-6 solution and chelated iron.

Total nitrogen (N) 2% Of which 1.5% urea nitrogen; Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) 4% water soluble; Potassium oxide (K2O) 6% water soluble; Iron (Fe) chelated with DTPA 0.009%.

Fertilizer containing a trace element. Use only in cases of recognized need, do not exceed the prescribed dose.

The provisions of standard NF U 42-002-2 advise against the use of this fertilizer at less than 0.1 kg/ha and per hectare. Product containing a chelating agent: Keep away from light.

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Vaalserberg Element 3 – 500 ml

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