VegaFina Nicaragua Short (Pack of 25)

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VegaFina Nicaragua Short (Pack of 25)

Product description:

VegaFina Nicaragua Short hand-rolled premium Petit Corona cigar made exclusively with Nicaraguan tobacco. Tabacalera de Garcia built on the success of the classic VF line and launched the Nicaragua blend. Made exclusively with tobacco from regions known for the richest leaves and aged for 4 years to produce a well-rounded smoke to remember. In fact, the expertly developed blend containing Ligero, Seco and Viso leaves from Estelí and Jalapa.

Strength profile: Medium to full-bodied.

Master Blender flavor notes: “Wood, spicy flavors hit your palate with robust effect, coming together with clove and vanilla notes. Also a slightly sweet reminiscence of nuts and molasses.

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VegaFina Nicaragua Short (Pack of 25)

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