Vegueros Centrofinos Cigar – 16 Cigar

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Vegueros Centrofinos Cigar – 16 Cigar

Product description:

Originally introduced to the market in 1996 as a full-bodied brand, Vegueros was a tribute to the countless generations of men and women who have grown tobacco in the world-famous plantations of Pinar del Rio.

The brand was relaunched in 2013 with a slightly lighter medium-bodied blend in new sizes and presented in unique 16-cigar tins.

Vegueros translates into English as “Farmers” and these cigars have happily retained their rustic edge. The names of each of the new vitola gardens also drew inspiration from the vocabulary of Cuban farmers, and “Centrofinos” is no exception. Centro Fino is a classification for the leaves of the sun-grown tobacco plant taken about halfway up the plant. These generally make up the Seco leaves in the blend of a Havana cigar and are prized for their satisfying flavors and aromas.

Length: 5 1/8″
ring gauge: 50
Strength: Medium – Full
packaging: 16 cigars

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Vegueros Centrofinos Cigar – 16 Cigar

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