Tribute Mezcal 45% 70 cl

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Tribute Mezcal 45% 70 cl

Product description:

Le Tribute Mezcal Joven is made from agave leaves by cutting 1.5 cm ‘jima’, which is the cut of the agave leaves. Normally 5 cm is cut off, but for this Mezcal only 1.5 cm is cut off, because the smaller the cut, the less bitter the final liquid will be, despite being more expensive to produce.

It is cooked in traditional volcanic stone ovens. All the wood used to prepare the agave is Holm Oak, which gives the mezcal its characteristic smoky flavor. All production is done entirely by hand, from harvesting the agave plant and transporting it to the stone ovens, grinding the agave and packaging and labeling the product.

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Tribute Mezcal 45% 70 cl


Packaging size 70 cl
Alcohol percentage 45,00 %
Number of pieces in a package 1
Color Pink / Pink
Packaging type Bottle
Country Spain
Weight 700 g


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